Where do ideas come from? Student Community Programmers

Have you lost the passion you had for programming? Does it affect the motivation to complete your tasks? Is it difficult for you to finish projects? If yes, then there is good news for you: it happens to everyone, so do not despair.
Imagine that the fire in your camp blew out. Instead of worrying about it, it is better to calm down, take a deep breath and think about how to light it again.
It takes a lot, but it is possible. Believe us, everything will be fine.
The Pro-Papers team has prepared a collection of tips where to find ideas for a programmer, when all inspiration is exhausted.

Work in a designated place

If you are not able to have a special workplace, at least try to work somewhere where no one and nothing will distract you from the computer. Let it be your “cave”. It is important to have a comfortable armchair with back support.

Use a convenient development environment

It doesn’t matter which editor you use, but make sure that you use a powerful and flexible software. Always use a source code version control – especially it is worth exploring git because of the concepts it will give you. Always make backup copies. These tips will help you avoid the frustration that will surely meet you in case you ignore the advice and lose your job one day.

Be teachable

Follow the publications of interesting implementers on Twitter. RSS aggregators or good old Planets are good because they can serve as a source of new information and independently offer publications of interesting implementers. Choose a few blogs on topics that you do not particularly follow, and subscribe to them too.
Yes, there is a danger of spending a lot of time reading, rather than writing code, but “connecting” to a wider development ecosystem can be the source of many ideas.

Learn good techniques

In addition to studying a particular coding language, it is useful to study general approaches from such books as, “The Pragmatic Programmer”, “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, “The Little Schemer”. The last two are about Scheme, but they are so good that they deserve to be read by everyone.

But the most important advice is: Communicate with other implementers

Spend time with likeminded programmers. When you feel indifference and boredom, don’t suffer alone. If you are not surrounded by likeminded people, you should look for a community. Personal communication is perfect, but online interaction is better than nothing.

It is necessary to clarify: we are not talking about whether you are strong enough to pull yourself forward. Being unmotivated does not mean being weak. It’s just important to keep in touch with reality, and it’s difficult if you don’t see your situation from outside thanks to other programmers.

Actually, various Programmers Student Communities are being created for this purpose. This is the best source of inspiration, because your interlocutors are full of ideas that you do not have. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about programmer friends, some kind of Meetup, or even a conference. The combination of different ways of communication will only expand opportunities to look at the code in a new way.

Student communities of programmers function both online, when a variety of forums and topics for discussion are created, and by person meetings.

Starting with a cozy anti-cafe and calm introductory reports, such communities reach meetings where everyone can express their opinions and a hot conversation will sparkle! Believe, your colleagues are happy with different points of view, the opportunity to look at the problem from the implementer, tester, admin and manager.

Usually at meetings of such communities, the whole IT sphere is discussed.

Such meetings of young, experienced and not yet experienced programmers are a place to exchange experience and knowledge related to PHP, as well as related to PHP technologies. Sometimes communities organize not only reports on various topics from development to testing and management, from game development to the fundamentals of development, but also workshops, discussion platforms and other formats. At such meetings, everyone can give a talk on the IT topic, if he/she has something to share, everyone can find a solution to his/her problem or get inspiration for new ideas. Experts gather to share ideas and problems, to tell and hear about the experience of using technological innovations and optimizing classical tools, to share approaches and ready-made solutions.

Events are held in the offices of IT companies, IT parks, and usual outdoor parks.

The purpose of meetings of such IT communities is to acquaint the city’s IT people with each other and create an environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

Remember: the goal is not to complain and share your sadness. This is bad and can also lower the motivation of other people. The goal is to share your anxiety, or maybe the little things that kill your inspiration.

If you are not confident or uncomfortable, it will be helpful to find a mentor. The mentor can check the quality of your code and give feedback. It can also be an external motivator when you want to give up.

Do not be afraid to communicate with your colleagues! Cooperation and exchange of experience of young programmers can be the main source of brilliant ideas!