Watch LIVE – 2016 Rio Olympic Games

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The 2016 Rio Olympic games are only hours away from beginning and some people around the world are struggling with how they can watch live coverage of the massive world sporting event. I’ve put together a short, simple, effective tutorial showing how you can stream the event smoothly and legally.

2016 Rio Olympic Games

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The method used in the tutorial to watch the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is simple but effective. Basically we are using a VPN (in this case Ivacy) to connect too UK and Australian servers, allowing us to use legal streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer and Plus7. This is ideal if you want to hook your PC or laptop up to your TV using a HDMI cable. All streams are bradcast in both SD and HD with high quality latency; which means less buffering.

Please keep in mind I made this video just before the 2016 Rio Olympic Games actually started, so I was unable to show any footage of the Olympics actually being played. HOWEVER. BBC iPlayer and Plus7 are going to show full coverage of the event.

This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible


If you don’t wish to use Ivacy you can use another VPN of your choice. I prefer to use Ivacy because I know its RELIABLE, easy to use and cheap. It provides a nice clear interface that makes navigating around the app nice and simple. Ivacy is available on both PC and Mac OSX. There is no such thing as a RELIABLE free VPN.

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If you already live inside the UK or Australia then you will not need a VPN such as Ivacy to access your respective websites. This tutorial is mainly for people living in countries or traveling in areas that don’t make streaming accessible and need an alternative method of watching the 2016 Rio Olympic Games online.