How to Watch Fluxus IPTV on your iPhone or iPad

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Cast your mind back to May, a free IPTV service called “Fluxus IPTV” hit the scene. Fluxus released the service as an M3U list and made it available to the public. Fluxus IPTV works in all major players such as VLC and Kodi. Today I’m going to show you how to watch Fluxus IPTV on your iPhone or iPad.

Fluxus IPTV iPhone and iPad

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Its always been a hard task getting IPTV services to work on iOS devices. Apple have always been pretty good at making sure their software is tight on security. Most M3U players on the app store which claim to allow IPTV are often full of ads; and don’t do the correct job. In the past developers for such apps have had to rely on people with jailbroken devices. Having a jailbroken device was their only way of software delivery.

After a bit of trial and error, I came across an app in the App-Store titled “GoTV”. After feeding GoTV the Fluxus M3U source and seeing it work, I had to share it. As a bonus I found out if you have an Apple TV device, plugged to your home TV, you can cast the channels to your big screen.

  1. Download GoTV
    Open the App-Store on your iOS device and search for m3u. The first search result should be GoTV. If not then search the title. Don’t bother trying different apps as most are fake and filled with ads.
  2. Setting up GoTV with Fluxus
    Once you’ve installed GoTV, go ahead and open the app. To setup Fluxus IPTV you will need to add the source, press the “+” icon, located in the top right hand corner. Next you will need to give it a name (I named mine Fluxus TV). Finally you will have to add the source URL for Fluxus IPTV, found below.
  3. Watching Channels
    After you have added the name, source and confirmed it; you will notice it appear on the main screen of GoTV. To view any of the channels, tap on Fluxus TV [or whatever you named it] and the channel list will popup. Tap any channel and it will start playing.
  4. AirPlay (Optional)
    If you have an Apple TV device plugged in to your TV, you can cast the channels and view them on your big screen. As a channel is playing on your iOS device, open the control center (by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen). Make sure your iOS device and Apple TV are on the same Network and select AirPlay. The channel should then cast onto your TV.

Please remember that this is a public IPTV service and some channels will go offline. Its up to Fluxus too keep the channels updated.

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