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V5 Live label themselves as one of the best free IPTV services of 2018. Lets take a look inside their new mind blowing Android app and find out for ourselves.

V5 Live IPTV

“V5 Live” IPTV – FREE Activation Codes

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V5 Live – Best FREE IPTV

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Its not every day you come across reliable IPTV. Whether it be constant buffering, little support or even a poor EPG, they all seem to have their faults. “V5 Live” is a brand new IPTV service offering 2000+ global channels from around the world. But not only that, they claim to have the most stable and “buffer-less” servers going. Not to mention the attractive price tag of “free”. V5 Live is available to download on Android via an APK on their official website.

Download “V5 Live” APK

Whenever someone mentions “free IPTV” to me, I always start to get a little cautious. I’ve been around the IPTV community for a while now and “free” is usually code for garbage. But after personally trialing V5 Live out for a few weeks, I was completely blown away by the experience. If you haven’t already seen my video review (posted above) then I definitely encourage you to watch it. I go into full detail about the interface, how you can install it and pretty much everything you need to know. — But regardless, lets get into it.


Lets start off with the V5 Live interface. Its very simple. Upon opening the app and logging in, you’ll have the pleasure of a channel instantly playing. With a clock and speed gauge in the top right hand corner. If you click anywhere in the video playing field you’ll get access to the channel list. The list goes on into 2 columns. The first being countries and the second being the channels. Thus its very straight forward to navigate, select the country and select the channel.

In the bottom right hand corner you’ll find the control panel with 4 icons. Favorites, aspect ratio, settings and account. These are all self explanatory so I’ll leave it up to you to discover, if you choose to install V5 Live.

V5 Live doesn’t currently include an EPG. But since this service is free then you shouldn’t be complaining, right?


V5 Live is only available on Android devices. That means you wont be able to install this within Kodi or have access to the M3U list. Thus if you want to get the best out of this service, you’ll need an Android STB. Perhaps grab a cheap Amazon Firestick if you’re in need of a device for your TV.

If you don’t have an Android device or cant afford one then you have an extra 2 options:

  1. Android Emulator
    You can download an Android emulator for your PC/Laptop. This will enable you to download and install APKs within a virtual Android machine. You can then hook your PC/Laptop up to a TV via HDMI and you’re done. The two Android emulators that I recommend are either Nox Player or Bluestacks. Both are completely free.
  2. Remix OS
    The second option is Remix OS which is a full blown Android operating system. But this can be a bit tricky to setup so I don’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing. You’ll need to dual boot it with Windows on a separate partition on your hard drive. Your PC/Laptop will also have to be powerful enough to emulate Android and then go on to further play the channels. A powerful graphics card is definitely recommended if you take this step.

Overall if you want to get the best out of V5 Live, you will realistically need an Android Box for your TV.


Free, free, free…

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, V5 Live is completely free. So you might be asking yourself why we’re talking about “pricing”. That’s because there is also a “paid” element to the service that is worth discussing. But totally optional.

If you want to enjoy V5 Live for free, you’ll need to use an activation code to login. Each “free” activation code has a life span of up to 15 days and is shared with others also using the service. Once the activation code has expired, you’ll need to uninstall and then reinstall the app. This time entering a new activation code. This is a process which you will have to constantly repeat. You can find free activation codes right here on my blog and also on the V5 Live official website.

You can determine how long is left on the account (before expiry) by using the “user icon” in the control panel.

If you decide to go down the paid route then you can buy a subscription from their shop. The subscriptions work the same way as any other paid IPTV service. You buy your own account with how ever long you want. *These prices are subject to change.

  • 30 Days (Monthly) – $10
  • 90 Days (Quarterly) – $25
  • 180 Days (Semi-Annually) – $45
  • 1 year (Annually) – $80

Visit “V5 Live” Shop

Both free and paid services are identical. The only real difference is convenience. If you don’t mind sharing an account and the hassle of entering a new activation code every 15 days, you’ll be fine. If you want your own personal experience then $10 per month is definitely a decent price to cut the cord.


Now all the technicalities are out the way, Its time for my opinion..

As someone who doesn’t own an Android Box for my TV I’ve been forced to experience V5 Live on both Nox Player and my phone. I mentioned above that I’ve been using this service now for 2 weeks before uploading the video (above). Overall I think V5 Live is an amazing IPTV service and I can only hope they continue to maintain their servers. I’ve seen it all happen before when an IPTV service starts out strong and goes down hill fast.

During peak times I have been able to watch channels and experience little to no buffering. Also I have managed to use the sports channels during football matches and experience no lag. The fact there is no EPG doesn’t bother me as I have a separate app on my phone for a program guide. If you’re someone who is using the the service for free then I don’t really think you can be in a position to complain. I’ve paid for services before and had worse experiences. The fact they’re able to pull this off for free is amazing.

Before I sign off and end this review I want to remind everyone reading this of something. Although V5 Live is currently free, keep in mind that over the course of time they might decide to fully paid. They might decide to rid themselves of the free activation code system.

Don’t take this service for granted, enjoy it while it lasts.

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