Unblock any website blocked by Australian ISP’s

Late last year it was passed through the government that all Australian ISP’s had to block a handful of select “illegal torrent” websites so people were unable to access them from their home. However most of the ISP’s only blocked these websites at DNS level, meaning that if you were obtaining a DNS from your ISP you would not be allowed access and you would receive the dreaded ‘access denied’ page upon loading the website. I’m going to show you in the following tutorial how easy it actually is to unblock any website blocked by Australian ISP’s. I have seen a lot of tutorials telling users to buy a VPN or Proxy to unblock or use various different ‘ad infested’ mirror websites. This tutorial uses none of that and will take you less than 2 minutes.

Website Blocked IINET

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Please note that this tutorial is 100% safe. The unblock method I’m using is simply altering the DNS settings of your device and stopping it obtaining from the ISP. I’m using Googles public DNS which is also safe, it does NOT slow down your connection or effect your internet in any way. I know a lot of people will worry and ask silly questions like “Can Google track what I’m doing?”. Let me straight away shut that idea down by saying no. No one will be able to track you, trace you or spy on you. By the time you’ve completed the tutorial it will simply be as if nothing ever changed. This MIGHT also work for people living in the UK who have a similar ISP block to Australia.

Unblock any website blocked by Australian ISP's

Tutorial Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrIGHiDJ8EU

Mac OS X users skip to: 2:17 in the video.

This tutorial is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. you can basically do it to any device that lets you alter the network settings. I’ve also successfully done this on my iPhone, iPad and Android tablet. More advanced users who know how to mess around with DNS settings will also be able to input the 2 DNS codes directly into their home router so any device connected will automatically get the Google DNS rather than the default ISP one. However this method is more advanced but convenient as you don’t need to do each computer/laptop in your house separately. The reason I didn’t make a tutorial for putting the DNS directly into the router is because everyone has a different home router, therefore every method is different. If you’re not technically advanced then I suggest you just stick to my tutorial method as its easy.

Websites blocked by Australian ISP’s:
  • The Pirate Bay.
  • Torrentz.
  • TorrentHound.
  • IsoHunt.
  • SolarMovie.

DNS To use:
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