TVDB is Great for Streaming TV Shows on any Device

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TVDB takes a simple problem in the world of streaming TV shows and solves it. In this article we will look at the special streaming website and how it operates.


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Reliable streaming websites are becoming harder to find these days. So when I find one, I always tend to appreciate it more and I gain more respect for the people who build them. At first glance TVDB may look “bare” and basic, but the way it gets the job done, is enough to sell me.

This ad-free streaming website not only has a mass library of shows, they are also self hosted. This is perfect because it means fast load times and little buffering. How many times have you opened up a streaming site, only to find their episodes are hosted on a “slow” service? Yes that’s right, I’m talking about you Openload. After doing a few tests.. I was able to find that I could skip through any part of an episode without having to wait more than a second for it to load.

Easily Stream TV shows Without any Apps on “TVDB”

The biggest selling point of this streaming site, is the fact you can watch episodes without the need of an app. The video player works on almost any device that has access to a modern web browser. I tested TVDB on my PS4 browser and it worked flawlessly. Its obvious from looking at the design of the website itself, that it was made for mobile devices. So the fact its so easy to navigate on a small screen is a big bonus.

The website is easy enough to use, I’ll briefly explain, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out. The home page of the website is split up into two sections. They have the latest episodes (that recently aired on TV) and they have the most popular shows. They also offer a search function and the ability to browse by alphabet. Once you’ve located the show you want to watch, select it. You will be presented with the seasons and the respected episodes underneath.

Even if you already have a “go to” website for streaming your TV shows, I recommend keeping TVDB as a backup. You can never have too many, especially at the rate they’re always going up and down. Its so rare to find a self hosted streaming site that doesn’t have pop-up ads in your face. Sometimes simple really is better.

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