“Swift Streamz” Might Be The Best FREE IPTV APK. EVER.

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Its not everyday you come across a FREE IPTV app that doesn’t leave you feeling disappointed. If you know me on a personal level then you’ll know my love/hate relationship with free IPTV apps. But “Swift Streamz” might actually be the best free IPTV app that I’ve ever come across.

Swift Streamz

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Please Read – Streaming Video Without a VPN is Risky

Remember to make sure you use a VPN before attempting to stream IPTV. Without using a VPN you are taking a massive risk. Not only that, but some ISPs also block connections to third-party streams in your location, so without a VPN you might have trouble connecting. I personally use Ivacy VPN because they have fast servers, encrypt all data and I never experience any buffering.

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I often get emails from fellow subscribers recommending different apps to review. I’m often hesitant because I know what “free” apps are like and how disappointing they can be. One app that often popped up in these emails was Swift Streamz (Yes, Streams with a “z”) so I decided to give it a shot.

Make sure you download the APK from the official Swift Streamz website. I noticed there are a lot of fakes floating around the web.

After installing Swift Streamz on my Android device, I noticed that it looked like other apps. Other “free” IPTV apps that I’d before tested (wasn’t confident). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that every channel I clicked on, actually worked. Not only was there no buffering but the channels didn’t cut out and they were in great quality, some were even in HD. Overall Swift Streams felt like it was a paid app. Like I mentioned above, it might actually be the best free IPTV app that I’ve ever come across.

So what do you actually get in the app? Well the app is pretty simple. It heavily covers a bunch of international channels from different countries. In addition it features English speaking channels from; USA, UK, Canada and Australia. In my video tutorial I covered only the English speaking channels. But after further testing I can confirm the international channels do actually work.

Keep in mind that Swift Streamz is a free app. So like any free apps we can never be sure how long it’ll remain working. If you want a cheap, reliable IPTV service then you should check out Rocket Streams.

Things you will need:

▶︎ Swift Streamz: http://www.swiftstreamz.com

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