Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Online Free

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On June 14 the biggest tournament in football will commence, FIFA World Cup 2018. People from around the globe will be tuning in to watch their country compete for ultimate glory. In this guide we will discuss how you can stream FIFA World Cup 2018 online free.

Fifa World Cup 2018

▶︎ Why You Should Use A VPN While Streaming On Kodi Or Acestream

Hosts Russia will be looking to make the tournament a memorable one. With lots of top countries confirmed, there are definitely going to be some juicy matches. We cant wait! For those unlucky people who cant make it to Russia, to see these matches live, this guide might be for you. With not long left until the start of the tournament, I’m going to list a couple ways to watch the World Cup online.

Do I Need a VPN?

YES! – If you don’t already have a VPN I highly recommend you pick one up. I never touch any kind of online streaming without protection. VPNs are honestly so cheap these days that it pays to have one running in the background. The VPN I recommend and personally use myself is Ivacy. You can easily sign up for a cheap 12-month plan and download their user friendly software. Not only are Ivacy cheap but they have great speeds and servers all around the world.

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Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Without Cable

Recommended Method

The best solution for watching World Cup 2018 without cable is via a website called – MatchTV is a Russian website which has acquired full licensing to broadcast all matches. Unfortunately MatchTV is geo-blocked, which means only Russians will be able to connect.

This is where we can use Ivacy VPN to help us connect. With Ivacy you can mask your IP address by connecting to a Russian server. This will make MatchTV think you’re located in Russia and let you proceed with the stream. As an added bonus Ivacy will also encrypt your data and secure your connection online.

Using this method to stream FIFA World Cup 2018, nothing illegal is happening. is an official broadcaster of the tournament.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Acestream


Setting up Acestream:
The first thing you’re going to want to do is download Acestrean from their official website. As a reminder, Acestream uses torrent technology. Meaning it connects to streams by leeching off different peers. These peers are also people who are watching the stream. This is great because it doesn’t rely on everyone connecting to a server and it reduces buffering. Once you’ve downloaded the software, go ahead and install it. The installation process is pretty straight forward so I wont go into detail on this. Run the setup like you would with any piece of Windows software. One thing to note is that Acestream is only available natively for Windows. But don’t panic because there is a method for how to run Acestream on Mac OS X.

If you’ve ever used VLC before you’ll notice that Acestream looks a lot similar. Acestream is a forked version of VLC with an inbuilt torrent engine. The engine is to assist with connecting to peers/streams. Before you open Acestream and start watching streams, remember to start Ivacy VPN. You can connect to any server, it wont matter for this. For better results connect to a server located in the same country as yourself. Open up Acestream and navigate over to your task tray in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. The task tray is near your PCs clock. You’ll notice that the Acestream icon is present there. This indicates that the Acestream engine is running. Right click on the icon and select options. I’m going to give you the exact settings that I use which work for me.

VOD Buffer: 90
Live Buffer: 90
Disk Cache Limit: 150
Download Limit: 1000
Upload Limit: 1000

Finding Acestream Channels

Finding channels / watching streams:
So now you’ve got Acestream setup and all configured, how you can watch The World Cup? Well to do this you can have to find “channel IDs”. A channel ID will usually popup before a match starts and end after the match. The key is knowing where to find them. The best place to find a channel ID for a specific match is the Reddit page called /SoccerStreams/. They will cover every match for FIFA World Cup 2018. If you head over to their forum 15-30 minutes before kick off, you will find it populated with the match. The screenshot I’ve used below will give you a general idea of how it will look:

SoccerStreams Reddit

Once you’ve picked a match, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a bunch of submitted streams. SoccerStreams will have flash streams, ignore these, we want Acestream channel ID’s:

Acestream Channel ID

To play the stream, highlight the Acestream channel ID and copy it. Go back into the Acestream client and select “Media” in the top left corner. Select “Open Acestream Content ID” and paste in the ID from SoccerStreams. This is the entire process of opening a channel ID within Acestream. Same applies regardless of where an ID is found, this is no-way limited to just SoccerStreams.

Reminder – make sure you’ve started your Ivacy VPN Client and have connected to a server. This step is important if you want to remain anonymous while streaming. Some ISPs also throttle torrent clients so a VPN might actually be essential. Remember purchasing Ivacy for a small fee is worth the money. Especially since you’re getting unlimited football matches for free. This same method can be used for any future football matches you wish to watch.

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