“STAR7 LIVE” – Best FREE IPTV of 2019

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Star7 Live is currently one of the best ways to enjoy free IPTV in 2019 (so far). Lets take a look at this awesome Android APK and see why I’m already so excited.

Star7 Live IPTV

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V5 Live – Best FREE IPTV of 2019

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Remember to make sure you use a VPN before attempting to stream IPTV. Without using a VPN you are taking a massive risk. Not only that, but some ISPs also block connections to third-party streams in your location, so without a VPN you might have trouble connecting. I personally use Ivacy VPN because they have fast servers, encrypt all data and I never experience any buffering.

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We’re only a month and a half into 2019 and I’m already claiming that “Star7 Live” is the best IPTV app so far. Being very reminiscent to V5 Live, this mind blowing Android app has it all. I’ve already stated many times, its hard finding free IPTV services, so you can imagine how excited I was for this. There is very little information and the developer is unknown, but its clear a lot of hard work has gone into it.

Download “Star7 Live” APK

Like any APK, you side-load it onto your Android device and install it. Upon installation you are required to login before you can start watching channels. Account creation is simple. You will be re-directed to the official Star7 Live website where you can generate a free 7-day account. The account creation requires no personal information, so you can generate many accounts. But make sure you only generate one account at a time, otherwise the previous account will be deleted.


Once you’re finally logged into the app, you have 2 options of “Online TV” and “Movies”. Although I didn’t test the movie section, I would assume this is intended for VoD content. The Star7 Live interface is really clean, simple and straightforward. Within the Online TV section, you will find flags representing the region category. Since I’m only interested in English speaking channels, the UK was my preferred choice. After picking your region you are finally ready to start watching channels. You will find a nice presented list of channels down the left hand side of the screen. As you hover over a channel a preview will display in the background, this is a nice touch.


As already mentioned Star7 Live is only available on Android devices. There is no Kodi add-on or method for obtaining the M3U list. Thus if you want to enjoy this service you will need an Android device; phone, tablet, STB, Firestick etc.. If you don’t have an Android device or can’t afford one then you have an extra 2 options.

  1. Android Emulator You can download an Android emulator for your PC/Laptop. This will enable you to download and install APKs within a virtual Android machine. You can then hook your PC/Laptop up to a TV via HDMI and you’re done. The two Android emulators that I recommend are either Nox Player or Bluestacks. Both are completely free.
  2. Remix OS The second option is Remix OS which is a full blown Android operating system. But this can be a bit tricky to setup so I don’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing. You’ll need to dual boot it with Windows on a separate partition on your hard drive. Your PC/Laptop will also have to be powerful enough to emulate Android and then go on to further play the channels. A powerful graphics card is definitely recommended if you take this step.

But overall if you want to get the best out of Star7 Live, you will realistically need an Android box for your TV.


Overall Star7 Live has a nice selection of free IPTV channels from around the world. The idea is basic but it does an excellent job. You will find that most of the channels are 720p HD with a couple of high quality SD exceptions. The best thing about this app is that I didn’t experience any buffering, which is rare for a free service. If you don’t mind the hassle of generating a new account every 7-days, then I definitely recommend this app. It certainly is a great trade off for not having to pay. But like I say for all free IPTV services, their future is never guaranteed. Its impossible to know how long they will remain alive and maintained for.

Don’t take this service for granted, enjoy it while it lasts.

“Star7 Live” Official Website

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