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VPNs are definitely becoming more of a household name these days. With ISPs becoming more “interested” in what their clients are doing online. People want to ensure privacy by keeping their browsing and downloading data private. In this article we’re going to be looking at a new VPN company with a “twist”; Spider VPN.

Spider VPN

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Spider VPN

If you haven’t already seen my Spider VPN video review (above) then I suggest you do so. I go into detail about the product and do a live demonstration on camera of how fantastic this service is. Not only is their service fantastic but they offer great value for your money, which you will come to see.

What is a VPN?

I’m sure that most people who come to my site or watch my videos would know what a VPN is. But to briefly explain it in simple terms, well.. – Think of it as a giant filter that sits over your internet connection. Before any data is sent to your ISP it passes through this giant filter and encrypts it. Essentially this keeps all your browsing, downloading and streaming data safe.

But that’s not all. VPNs also have other purposes. VPNs are able to mask your geo-location, making it seem like you’re in a different country. This is a great solution if you’re looking to gain access to websites locked in your region. Another benefit to being able to change you location is unlocking Netflix content. Netflix distributes its content [movies and TV shows] based on your location. So if you’re someone like myself (who lives in Australia) and wants to access the US library, then I would use a VPN.

Spider VPN

So now you have a general idea of what a VPN is, lets take a look at the Spider VPN service and why you should choose them. As I mentioned above, Spider VPN aren’t you average VPN service. They have put their own twist on things, making a unique mark in the VPN industry. Instead of relying on an app for your device, Spider VPN offer you a free dual-band VPN router for your home. This means that any device with WiFi access can connect.

I remember a few months ago I was looking for a solution where I could connect my Playstation 4 to a VPN. Most gaming consoles don’t offer an option for this. – It actually ended with me giving up because it didn’t seem possible (at the time). But now Spider VPN have come along and changed this for me. I’m now able to simply point my PS4 to the Spider VPN router and connect.

What also sets them ahead in the industry is their connection. I’ve used VPNs before where I’ve had decent speeds but the latency has been high. Meaning its useless for wanting to stream content buffer-free. Spider VPN not only offers a good speed but a great latency, depending you pick a close server.

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The Spider VPN Router

Spider VPN RouterSo to summarize up what all this means. A typical VPN service would offer you a downloadable app for your PC or phone. In most cases you sign in to this app via your account details. From there you would select a region/server and connect. But the only problem with this method is that you’re limited to whatever devices their is an app for. Spider VPN is a glimpse into the future for VPN companies [with their router], a complete game changer.

Their router is dual-band which means it supports both 2.4g/5g and works straight out the box. After you’ve signed up for a VPN package, they ship the router pre-configured. The router is also super simple to hook up. Take the Ethernet cable (that comes in the box) and plug the Spider VPN router into your existing home router.

Once you power the device on, it should be good to go. There is no reason to mess with the router settings, which you can access from your browser by going to “http://10.11.01”. The only real reason why you’d want to access that page of settings is to change the server location. – I show you exactly how to do this in the video. The router will create 2 new visible access points called “Spider 2.4g” and “Spider 5g”. The last thing you need to do is connect to either one with your WiFi device. Switching between your normal home connection and a VPN has never been so simple.

Spider VPN Features

Some of the features that Spider VPN offer are the following:

  1. Wide Choice of Server Locations.
    In my review video above, I mentioned how Spider VPN had 4 servers to pick from; US, UK, Finland and The Netherlands. Since they have expanded their converge to 16 locations where they’re still growing. For more details on their server locations, visit their website.
  2. Unlimited Connections
    You can connect as many devices as you want to the router for simultaneous use. All devices will connect under 1 IP address with no limits. Most VPN companies limit their connections to 1 connect at a time. This is another reason why Spider VPN are ahead in the game.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
    With Spider VPN you can do as much streaming and downloading as you want. There are no quota restrictions. This makes it ideal for people who torrent, watch IPTV or stream Acestream channels.
  4. OpenConnect SSL
    As well as offering L2TP, Spider VPN uses OpenConnect. This is the latest in VPN technology and offers very good connection speeds. If you don’t know what this means, then take my word for it, its a good thing.
  5. Lifetime Warranty
    This is probably my favorite thing about Spider VPN. They offer a lifetime warranty on the router. If your router stops working of becomes faulty, you can email them and they will ship you out another one. For a company who is willing to put a lifetime warranty on something you’re getting for free, well done.

Spider VPN also offers 24/7 customer support on their website. If you’re having an issue you can chat live with them.


I recommend visiting the Spider VPN website to get a better understanding on pricing. Their packages are always changing and they’re constantly having specials. As it currently stands they offer 5 packages:

  • 1-Month (Monthly) – $9.37
  • 3-Months (Quarterly) – $25.30
  • 6-Months (Semi Annually) – $44.98
  • 12-Months (Annually) – $84.45
  • 24-Months (Biennially) – $150.90

So like most companies, it works out cheaper (in the long run), the longer you commit. All packages come with a free Spider VPN router. There are more specific includes for each package, so head over to their website and give it a look for yourself. – Overall I think $9.37/mo is great value for the content you’re getting; A VPN subscription + a free router. This works out cheaper than your monthly Netflix subscription.


Overall I’ve been using Spider VPN now for roughly over a month and I think its a fantastic service. They offer amazing speeds and I can stream all my IPTV without buffering. Their idea to provide all customers with a free VPN router is truly a step into the future. Relying on apps to funnel a VPN connection is out dated. With more devices around the house, you need more options and Spider VPN can provide that. If you’re not looking to commit long term or want to test the service out, their monthly plan is a great option. I do encourage anyone who wants to keep their connection private to pickup a VPN. They’re so cheap these days that it does pay to have one running.

If you have any questions regarding my opinion on the service then don’t hesitate to ask me. If you have any questions regarding the service itself then don’t hesitate to ask Spider VPN.

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