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Rocket VPN

Its no secret. Everyone knows the internet is a massive virtual universe. These days with more people than ever before connected ‘on the go’ using their mobile devices, the question looms; how safe/private is your data? When you’re out and about it might seem like a good idea connecting to that free public wifi hotspot but the truth is you never really know how private your data is, where those packets are passing through or who else is also connected. Most of you people reading this article probably don’t know the “technical” side of the internet [and that’s fair enough] but take it from me; A simple every day task like opening Facebook or checking your bank account balance can definitely be a risk.

I want to talk about this particular app I’ve come across by the good people over at Liquidum Apps, if you haven’t heard of them before or aren’t familiar with some of their work, I definitely recommend checking them out. The app I want to talk about is called Rocket VPN and is popular among Android users. I’ve covered different VPNs before but never really for mobile devices so I thought it was time to venture off and share “the best VPN for android”.

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What is Rocket VPN?

So the question you’re probably asking is ‘what does Rocket VPN actually do?’. It simplifies the process of setting up a virtual private network on your Android device via app. You can simply turn it on and off as you please and it lets you browse online data anonymously. Think of it like this; before your data packets are sent out into the public, they first travel through Rocket VPN and are encrypted so wherever they may finally land, nothing else can read it. Just start the app, hit connect, browse and disconnect when you’re done. The best features of an app are often kept simple and Rocket VPN definitely delivers in that aspect.

Encrypting data isn’t the only good thing a VPN can be used for, another nice feature is unblocking geographically censored websites and digital content; you can initially “spoof” your location to a different country. This is great for getting access to digital content online that your current location may not allow access too. A couple of months ago I was looking for an alternative to watching the English Premier League. Living in Australia I have limited options as the matches aren’t broadcast on TV here. I came across a New Zealand service that allowed the watching of matches online and a VPN most definitely came in handy helping me subscribe.


Lets discuss some of the features that Rocket VPN provide with their service.

  • Fast & Reliable Connection – The connection to Rocket VPN servers is both fast and reliable. You can browse the web and watch videos safely without losing any speed.
  • Privacy Protection – As mentioned above all data packets sent through the connection are encrypted to ensure a private and safe browsing experience on public wifi hotspots.
  • Multiple Locations – You can connect to servers from around the world. Be located in Australia and browse from New Zealand (just like me).
  • Content Unblocking – Unblock digital content from all around the world. Watch videos, access different Netflix libraries and access websites you normally couldn’t.
  • Multi Platform – Although I’ve focused on Android devices, Rocket VPN is also available on iOS and can be downloaded here from iTunes.
  • Exclusive Connection – Unlike other VPN apps, you don’t share you current connection, you are exclusively given your own.

So I guess finally we should discuss the price [drum roll please]. Rocket VPN is free. Yes you heard me correctly free. They often say the best things in life are free so I guess that automatically makes Rocket “the best VPN for Android”. – That aside if you want more data per month then you can also subscribe to their ultimate plan at a convenient and affordable cost.

Rocket VPN is definitely a must have app for your Android smart-phone, you never know when you might need a simple, fast VPN. I cant recommend this app enough as its easy to use and there is no technical setting up involved. You can download the app below from the Google play store.

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