How to: Remove Spotify Adverts Without Premium

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Spotify is one of the greatest apps of the modern era, it puts an infinite music library right in the palm of your hands with ease of access regardless of wherever you might be. The best thing about Spotify is that the app is completely free to use, however one of the biggest flaws is that unless you’re willing to pay for their premium service, you’re stuck listening to adverts in between songs and every time you skip a track. This is a massive pain in the ass because not only are Spotify making a buttload of cash through advertisement but the adverts are repetitive, they are long and they also come in different forms (popups, videos, audio etc..).

After doing a little bit of research I came to the conclusion that it is actually possible to remove these adverts and in the tutorial below I’m going to show you how to completely remove Spotify adverts without premium. The method for accomplishing this task will be, using the advert links (found below) and blocking them in your systems hosts file. You will be able to do this on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and funnily enough the process is quite simple. In the video I will first be covering how to accomplish this on Windows and then I’ll show how its done on a Mac. Both processes are relatively the same but have minor differences. As of 2018 I can confirm this method is still working.

How to Remove Spotify Adverts Without Premium

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I don’t want to take credit for compiling the list of blockable advert URLs below. I found these over on Reddit and am simply making a tutorial/adaption based on them. So whoever you are? I’d credit you if I knew your name… But full credit to you regardless.

Block Spotify Ads – Host File:

**Mac OS X users don’t forget to delete the ‘’ file located inside the Spotify package contents.

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