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Do you need a quick, secure and efficient way to access online content from different locations around the world? Ivacy might be the solution for you. No matter the device you’re using Ivacy gives you access to over 200 servers in 100 different locations for a fraction of the price other VPN services do.

A couple of days ago I came across a website called premierleaguepass.com. When I realised that they only offered their services to residents living in New Zealand/Taiwan I was in desperate need for a fast VPN service that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. I begun my search and I stumbled across this company called Ivacy that claimed to do everything (and more) that I’d ever hope for in a VPN.

Devices / System Requirements

So what devices does Ivacy support? They offer a desktop monitor app for both Windows PC and Mac OSX, that is available on their website for download. Along side that they offer support for both iOS and Android, which will also see your mobile devices unlocking geo-restricted content/websites with the click of a button. As an added bonus they also give support for accessing their secure network on gaming consoles [Playstation, Xbox, Wii], Blackberry, Linux, and various smart TVs; with an option of adding their VPN server (manually) to your router for the whole house.


Lets discuss some of the features that Ivacy provide for you with their VPN service.

  • 200+ Servers in 100+ locations: As I mentioned above they have over 200 servers in 100 different locations for you to connect with in just the click of a button. This means you can not only appear anonymous when you connect to public hotspots, but you can unlock content on geo-restricted websites. Ever wanted to access the US Netflix library from the UK or vice-versa?
  • Unlimited Server Switching: Switch between their servers as many times as you want. Go from being in the UK, to being in China, to being in India in a matter of seconds for as long or as little as you want.
  • Smart Purpose Selection: Ivacy have different profiles so you can easily use their app to get the right setup that you’re looking for without the need to do it manually.
  • Optimized P2P Servers: With fast speeds on different P2P apps, you can download torrents (and other files) completely anonymous.
  • Multi-Login: With each subscription you purchase, Ivacy will allow you to simultaneously connect 5 different devices per account; so you can share Ivacy with the entire family.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer: Download or upload as much as you want. They allow unlimited data transfers to assure you get the big files (and small files) across the network.

Not only do they claim to be the fastest service but they also offer 24/7 support on their website, which is a nice touch incase you need some fast assistance. For more details on their features you can view a complete list here.

Desktop App GUI

Ivacy GUI

The Ivacy desktop app is designed very simple and user-friendly (Thats what we all like to hear right?). You simply login with your account details (once your’ve purchased a subscription), select which protocol you wish to use; PPTP or L2TP (in most cases you will probably want PPTP) and finally pick the country you wish to appear in. For the purpose of the demonstration above I picked the US. Simply hit connect and you’re done.


The moment you’ve been waiting for. Yes. The price. As I’ve mentioned a number of times, Ivacy is by far the best price VPN on the market. They are currently offering packages with up to an 85% off discount. There are 3 packages you can purchase; 1 month ($9.95/mo), 6 months ($5.99/mo) and 12 months ($1.83/mo). Yes that is correct. For a 12 month subscription you simply pay an all up of $21.95 with a 7-day money back guarantee.


I give Ivacy a full 5-star rating because after searching for a reliable VPN service now for quite sometime, I’ve finally found one that actually offers everything it promises and the amazing price is an added bonus. If you would like to sign up for Ivacy and start unlocking website content from around the world today, you can do so by checking out their webpage link here. Also finally I totally back their product for any tutorials that may require a VPN on my website as something you can rely on to work.

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