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As 2018 vastly approaches I thought it would be a good excuse to find a new IPTV add-on to welcome the year with. A few months ago we came across a Kodi add-on called “Falcon Sports”. Its now time to present its parent add-on “Falcon Ultra TV”. After playing around with Ultra TV for a few hours, its definitely going to be one of the best 2018 Kodi add-ons.

Falcon Ultra TV

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Falcon Ultra TV is a great little Kodi add-on. Its very straight forward and simply does what its supposed too. Ultra TV sits within the mwiz repository and is easily installed via the URL below [as shown in the video].

What do you get?

Once you’ve installed Ultra TV and opened it, the add-on will present you with a list of IPTV channels. After examining the list I can confirm that most of these channels are UK based. Most of the channels work straight out the box by clicking the title.

Please remember that I have no control over the life span of these channels. Its up to the developer of the add-on to maintain them.

As mentioned above, Before making this tutorial I spared a few hours to test Ultra TV. One thing that I was very pleased with was the fact that most of the channels actually worked. This is very rare for “free” IPTV add-ons, especially on Kodi. It shows us that the developers are keeping the add-on well maintained.

Lastly another thing that pleased me was how fast the channels actually loaded. After spending sometime and watching them, there was little-to-no buffering. This goes down as another positive because the add-on is being hosted on decent servers.

Things you will need:

▶︎ Kodi:
▶︎ Repo Source:

If channels are not playing:

If channels are not playing then its possible they are being blocked by your ISP. Geo-restrictions apply in different countries depending on your ISP. To fix this you can use Ivacy VPN.

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