Install Supremacy for Kodi [Add-on]

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Supremacy is a new add-on for Kodi that started circulating around the repositories this morning. A few days ago I made a video for an add-on called “IPTV GO” which featured many cool options for live IPTV (60+ channels), Sport and VoD movies. However after doing a run through and using Supremacy for 24 hours I’ve come to realize that its much more superior.

So what does Supremacy offer? The add-on is broken down into different sections. It has a general live IPTV section, kids TV section, live sport section, SKY movies section, VoD section and a few others. It offers UK/USA channels and all the main sports channels such as SKY, BT and ESPN. If you a fan of the whole VoD/Netflix type scenario then you are also blessed with single click movie watching. The add-on is definitely worth checking out! Let me know what you think.


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This add-on is brand new so I have no idea how long it will last, or what its future holds as its obviously a work in progress. Please don’t post negative feedback if the add-on suddenly stops working as its out of my control.

Latest version is 2.7
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Things you will need:

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This add-on requires that Kodi have f4mTester installed to watch live channels. If you don’t have it installed then live channels will simply not play when clicked. Please don’t contact me about channels not working as this is out of my control completely. All I can do is recommend you to f4mTester and make sure you have it installed.



For more information on f4mTester and complete documentation you can checkout the tutorial video above or the blog link below:

Install f4mTester for Kodi [Script]

If you want to watch Supremacy on your TV, you can purchase one of our Android Set-top boxes below and install Kodi on it.