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Its not everyday you come across an IPTV add-on for Kodi that is actually stable, reliable, has HD channels and comes with minimal buffering which is actually FREE. Players Klub is a red hot new Kodi add-on doing the rounds this week and its definitely one you will want to install quickly. Players Klub offer a free add-on with ‘premium like’ features which is a rarity these days. Most new Kodi add-ons surface using the same old rehashed streams, the developer gets bored, stops updating it and the add-on effectively becomes dead. However by the looks of it, Player Klub host their own dedicated servers as a platform for broadcasting the channels. This is perfect because it can handle the amount of traffic from everyone trying to watch at the same time (less buffering). If you’re a fan of either NFL/NHL then you can also enjoy a free match-day pass and exclusively watch watches directly from the add-on.

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Now I did mention that Players Klub is a free add-on with ‘premium like’ features so its impossible to tell where the future of this add-on rests. For all we know the Players Klub dev’s could be launching their add-on free as a tactical marketing move to show people how the add-on works, get them used too it and then after a few months move their service onto a pay-to-watch business model. Its important to realize I could also be totally wrong and the dev’s are planning on keeping this add-on free for as long as possible with kind hearted intentions [it’s not likely though!]. Whatever the case, the add-on is currently free so definitely go ahead and check it out, the quality of this add-on is amazing and I’ve personally not ran into any buffering as of yet.

In the tutorial above I’ll run you through a quick demo of the add-on features, test some of the channels and then finally show you how to install it in Kodi v17 Krypton (Players Klub can also be installed within v16.1 Jarvis if you’re yet to update your Kodi).

THIS KODI IPTV ADD-ON IS EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY. I CAN NOT PROMISE THAT IT WILL BE FREE FOREVER. HURRY AND USE IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. – Please don’t leave comments after a few months telling me this add-on no longer works, I cant be held responsible for any add-on life span.

This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Add-on features:

-IPTV USA Channels
-NFL/NHL Live Sports Pass
-Movies On-Demand
-TV On-Demand
-Maintenance Tools

This add-on requires a username/password which can be found in the video tutorial. If there are any changes then I will be sure to update them on my Facebook page – Make sure you have given it a “like” for future updates.

Things you will need:

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