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As most of you know last week Operation Robocop Ultimate was shut down by its developers, many used the Kodi add-on for its free Premier League season pass and various live TV streaming options. Over the past few days I’ve made it my personal mission to go through and hunt down some alternative Kodi add-ons that also provide this ever so magical Premier League pass. A lot of you messaged me on my Facebook page informing me of many different add-ons, Phoenix being the most popular. Aside from Phoenix being the most requested, I’ve also found some other Kodi add-ons that I’ll be releasing tutorials for within the next few days. It’s always hard finding Premier League add-ons during an international football break, but hopefully I’m just in time for the return of the Premier League this weekend. So give Phoenix a test and see how you like it. If its not working for you then feel free to message me via email or my Facebook page and I’ll do the best to assist you in whatever way I can; otherwise you can wait it out until I release one of my other methods.

Aside from football, Phoenix also offers a VERY LARGE library of live TV channels from both the US and UK. All channels are in HD and updated on a regular basis.


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If you want to watch every game of the UEFA Champions League and Premier League live, Phoenix has you covered with a free season pass included within the add-on. Simply navigate to “Phoenix Sports” within the add-on and select “VC Events”. The match you wish to watch will be listed under “Premier League”. Match streams will be updated roughly 30 minutes before kick-off, so be sure to check back if you don’t see the particular match you want to watch.

I was unable to show the Premier League Pass in my original tutorial because I made it during the week when no matches were being played. Here is a small clip demonstrating it working in 720p that I recorded during the weekend.

PLP Demo

Latest version is 3.0.2
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible.

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