Install Paradox for Kodi [Build]

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Paradox is a bit different to the usual Kodi add-on tutorials that I make. Rather than it being an actual add-on, Paradox is a build which takes your Kodi installation and turns it into an amazing all-in-one suite. There are many different builds floating around but I’m yet to find one for Kodi which is as good as Paradox. Its important to take note that by following this tutorial you will be erasing your current Kodi setup with all your current install add-ons. If you are downloading Kodi and using it for the first time then you will be good to go without any worries.

This tutorial to date is the longest I’ve ever spent on filming, editing and uploading a video. Paradox was so big I literally had to split the tutorial into two parts. Part One will focus on the preparation of getting Kodi ready, followed by the installation process. Part Two will focus on the usage and showing off some of the awesome features.

Part One: Setting Up Account + Installing Build

Paradox Part One
Part One:

Part Two: Using Paradox and Features

Paradox Part Two
Part Two:

Paradox uses third-party video streaming to send and receive data online. When dealing with Kodi or anything video streaming related I always recommend using a VPN to ensure a safe and secure experience. Not only does a VPN give you anonymity online but also helps unblock geo-restricted content and sources from different countries. Click the banner below to get 85% off a 12-month VPN package thanks to Ivacy.

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Some of the add-ons that the Paradox Build contains are the following: Bulldog Streams, Live Mix, Cosmix, Phoenix, Premier League Pass; plus many more. Paradox also has many different add-ons for streaming your favourite movies and TV shows on demand in 1080p.

Latest version is v1.0.8
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Things you will need:


AppCleaner Mac:
AppCleaner Windows: (I have not used this before)

Paradox Account:

Repo Source:

If you want to install the Paradox build on your TV, you can purchase one of our Android Set-top boxes below and install Kodi on it.