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We all love Netflix its become one of the biggest online platforms allowing you to watch a massive library of movies and TV shows. Netflix has grown even more popular world wide over the recent few years with the introduction of various Netflix Original content. For a few months now I’ve been trying to find a way to replicate Netflix in Kodi (for a video tutorial) using various different skins and third-party add-ons. The task proved to be quite difficult as getting things such as posters, art, backgrounds and pictures to all show up in the right places (the same way Netflix does) just wasn’t working for me, so I gave-up and moved onto other projects.

Now I don’t do many Kodi build tutorials because most of them are the same thing just bundled differently, they all use the same add-ons and I try to keep my tutorials fresh without being repetitive. However I did come across this nice little build called Kodiflix which does exactly what I was trying to achieve. It takes a bunch of different third-party Kodi add-ons such as Exodus, Zen and SALTS etc and sets them all out nicely just like Netflix does. The best thing about Kodiflix is that it comes with a nice little bundled Kodi skin that is almost identical to the real thing. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, the one significant thing about this build compared to the real Netflix is that its FREE. Who doesn’t love Free Netflix?


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So I’ve spent a lot of time comparing Kodiflix to the actual Netflix, I should probably talk more about what this build for Kodi actually does. Unlike most of my tutorials where I show you how to install an add-on, in this tutorial I show you how to install a “package” which will take your installation of Kodi and transform it into something completely different. It will let you search and watch all the latest movies and TV shows conveniently in one place. Some might say this build is actually better than the real Netflix because you now have an unlimited library of content to pick from.

Its probably worth a mention that this will overwrite anything you already have installed on Kodi and wipe it clean, meaning all your add-ons will be deleted. Its highly recommended that you begin with a fresh installation.

This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Add-on features:

-Maintenance Tools
-Unlimited Movies On-Demand
-Unlimited TV Shows On-Demand

Things you will need:

Repo Source:

This build requires you to insert a code during the installation:

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