Install IPTV GO for Kodi [Add-on]

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IPTV GO is a new daily updated add-on for Kodi, its brand new and we don’t know much about it just yet. However before we get into the add-on itself,  just want to apologize for my absence in making new videos over the past month or so. I’ve been working on a new media project with a friend and its basically taken up all my editing time. Anyway I’m back now and lets kick things off with IPTV GO.

So after exploring the add-on a bit I’ve come to the realization that it has 3 main live sections, PLUS a VoD section. If you choose to install IPTV GO you can expect the following. LIVE TV channels (from various different cable networks), Premium movies channels (such as Sky Movies) and lastly a live sports section (ESPN, BT Sports and Sky Sports). As mentioned above the add-on does have a VoD section for movie streaming (which I didn’t review in the video), lets be honest though.. We’re only interested in the IPTV. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up on the tutorial and let me know how it goes.


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Some channels will require you to install F4Mtester, you should already have this installed within your Kodi (from previous tutorials on my blog). If you don’t then it can simply be downloaded automatically when you select a channel which requires it; you will simply be promoted with a dialogue box. Alternatively you can download it from Shani’s repo.

This add-on is brand new so I have no idea how long it will last, or what its future holds as its obviously a work in progress. Please don’t post negative feedback if the add-on suddenly stops working as its out of my control.

Latest version is 2.7
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Things you will need:

Repo Source:

If you want to watch IPTV GO on your TV, you can purchase one of our Android Set-top boxes below and install Kodi on it.