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We all love sports, especially when it comes to watching our favorite teams compete every week. The problem is finding reliable ways of watching within different locations from around the world. In the past I have shown you different sports related IPTV addons for Kodi,  but the problem is they become irrelevant very quickly due to the founders not maintaining them with the latest streams. I recently came across a new sport related IPTV addon called “Falcon Sports”; its definitely one of the best sport IPTV addons for 2017.

Falcon Sports

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So now we’ve got the introduction out of the way, what content does Falcon Sports actually have? Well its a child addon for parent addon Falcon TV (which I will also make a video for in the coming weeks). Falcon Sports has your typical live IPTV channels such as Sky Sports, BT Sports, BeIN Sports, WWE Network etc.. But what separates Falcon Sports from other addons is that it has a Live Events category which means moments before a sporting event starts you can find direct streams instantly. Falcon Sports is ideally good for football fans because it specializes in the English Premier League for its live events.

Falcon Sports host their channels on dedicated servers which is another ‘pro’ in comparison to other addons because it means less buffering when lots of users are trying to watch.

Please be aware that I have NO IDEA how long this add-on will work for, It’s possible that channels MIGHT go down from time to time; it’s simply out of my control. The life span of this add-on purely depends on how often the owners decide to maintain it.

Things you will need:

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If channels are not playing:

If channels are not playing for you then its possible that they’re being blocked in your location by your ISP. If this is the case then you will have to use Ivacy VPN –

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