Install Exodus for Kodi [Add-on]

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Exodus might just be the new GENESIS add-on for Kodi. Yes that’s right. If you were a fan of GENESIS – the add-on that allowed users to stream movies and TV shows for free then you will be a fan of Exodus. Quite sometime ago GENESIS was shut down with no direct replacement offered, until now. Much like Genesis this add-on lets you watch free movies and TV shows from a bunch of different sources. Content is available in both SD and HD. Please make sure you remove GENESIS before you install Exodus to avoid any conflicting issues.


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What makes Exodus different? As you probably know by now there are a whole bunch of add-ons directed at allowing users to stream free movies and TV shows. Up until I discovered Exodus I’d been using an add-on called Quasar (which I previously made a tutorial for) and it was by far the most stable add-on for its purpose, however the downside was that it used P2P technology and required downloading torrents on the go. This was sometimes an issue because I had to rely on people seeding/leeching and also how many peers were connected. Exodus is great because its fast and right to the point. It does what it says without and hassle. If you want to lookup and watch something really quickly then Exodus is the add-on for you.

This add-on is brand new so I have no idea how long it will last, or what its future holds as its obviously a work in progress. Please don’t post negative feedback if the add-on suddenly stops working as its out of my control.

Latest version is 1.3.7
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Things you will need:

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If you want to watch Exodus on your TV, you can purchase one of our Android Set-top boxes below and install Kodi on it.