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So I believe this is the first official Kodi add-on I’ve posted for 2017. I know it took some time but I always try to promote, review and show only Kodi add-ons that I personally think are worth it. I don’t want to fill my blog and waste your time with add-ons that are limited or aren’t worth an install on your system. With that said! I came across an absolutely amazing add-on called Excalibur Streams inside the Echo repository. If you haven’t heard of Echo before, they are the lovely people who developed the add-on to fix buffering. If you haven’t already checked that out, I made a tutorial showing you how to install it right here. Anyway! Back to the point.

Excalibur Streams is a neat Kodi add-on with 2 IPTV channel lists. I assume one is for main viewing and the other is a backup for when the main list goes down. The add-on is packed with heaps of cable channels from the US and UK with a few international channels. There is amazing choice for sport, kids, music, general networks and even has an adult section if you’re feeling a bit naughty. Most channels are in HD with the exception that a few are high quality SD. Give the add-on a look and let me know what you think.

Excalibur Streams

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Please remember I have no control over the channels and how they run. This is a third-party Kodi add-on and channels will go up and down depending on how much the developer updates it.

Latest version is 1.2
This tutorial is both Windows/Mac compatible

Add-on features:

-Two IPTV Channel lists
-Adult XXX section
-24/7 Music section
-Includes LIVE sports channels (Sky Sports, Fox Sports, TSN, BT Sports and many more.)

Things you will need:

Repo Source:

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