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After having just reviewed an app called Rocket VPN by the good people over at Liquidum Apps I came across another neat little piece of software for your Android smart device called Hexlock and I couldn’t help myself by feeling the need to let my lovely readers know about it.

What is Hexlock?

Now if you’re like me and have nosey family/friends then this is definitely an app I would recommend installing on your Android phone. Hexlock allows you to take specific apps installed on your phone and individually lock them so they cant be opened or accessed without some kind of pass-code [that you obviously set]. Essentially you have a media vault in your pocket.

Much like Rocket VPN – Liquidum Apps continue their trend of providing nice, clean cut, easy to use apps; Hexlock being no exception. The app is very straight forward to use, just install it and you’ve basically done half the job. Upon starting the app you can then select other applications or media (photos, videos etc..) and lock them with a pass-code of your choice. Hexlock provides 3 different locking solutions with PIN, pattern or fingerprint which is a nice addition to assure ultimate privacy.


Lets discuss some of the key features that Hexlock has.

  • Media Vault – Hide sensitive pictures or videos in a secret folder out of the gallery.
  • Parental control – You can give the device to your kids and they will not buy games or delete important folders without you knowledge.
  • Shared devices – You can create separate profiles for shared tablets at home.
  • Protection of social networks – You can lend your phone to someone and not be concerned that he will check your Facebook or Whatsapp.
  • The app cannot be uninstalled by others
  • Self-activate feature when you change networks

For more details and features you can visit their official website over here.


Free – You can download the app below from the Google play store.

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