FREE Premium Kodi IPTV Channels (No Repo, No Add-ons)

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I feel like over the past few months we have been spoiled for choice with many new IPTV add-ons that have all seemed to surface at once starting back in March with The Players Klub add-on. I recently came across something interesting by a group called Fluxus Television. They released a m3u list of 1000+ IPTV channels from around the world. If you’re not familiar with what an m3u playlist is then let me explain. It’s a text file filled with channel URLs and basic code that certain media-players know how to “read” and output. Most Kodi add-ons use m3u lists but because they are built with an interface that does all the hard work for us, we rarely have to do anything to do (other than select the channel we want to watch).

Now because Flexus Television are yet to actually make their m3u IPTV channels playlist into an actual ‘installable’ add-on it means that for us to watch the channels we have to find a way to output these channels. Lucky Kodi has a hidden add-on (already installed) called PVR IPTV Simple Client, which will allow us to insert the m3u list full of channels and watch them. One of the benefits to what I’m about to show you is that unlike most of my tutorials, this one doesn’t require any repositories or the installation of any third-party Kodi add-ons. M3u playlists can be opened on many different pieces of software (VLC being the main one), you’re not always limited to Kodi. However for the sake of people already being familiar with Kodi I decided to go with that in this tutorial.

Fluxus Television - IPTV Channels

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As mentioned above this m3u playlist has 1000+ FREE Premium Kodi IPTV Channels. Each channel can be filtered by region (in Kodi) using the side menu which I demonstrate in the tutorial. Most of the channels are in HD or in a very high standard definition. If  certain channels are not playing then its possible that they’re being blocked in your location by your ISP. In this case you will then have to use Ivacy VPN to get around the blocking. Please be aware that I have NO IDEA how long this m3u list will work for, It’s possible that channels MIGHT go down from time to time; it’s simply out of my control. The life span of this m3u list purely depends on how often Fluxus Television decide to maintain it. Please don’t leave comments after a few months telling me this add-on no longer works, I cant be held responsible for the life span.

Things you will need:

Channel m3u List:

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