How to Find the Direct Link of any Video File

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Did you know that the direct link of any video file, on a website can easily be found.. Making it easy to download without the need of any third-party browser extension or app?

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Find the Direct Link of any Video File

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How often are you watching a video online, using a websites built-in player and you wish you had a way of saving it. Most of the time you end up using a Chrome/Firefox extension. Or you search for a third-party website that claims to do the job. Its actually easier to do yourself, than you might think. In this article we will be looking at how we can find the “direct link” of video being streamed on a website. Then taking that direct link and downloading the embedded .mp4 or video file.

Now lets discount streaming websites such as YouTube and Netflix etc . These websites have the strongest of DRM protection on their servers – so this method wont work. But I did come to find that it worked on PornHub *cough*. – Anyway…

I’ll explain the method below but if you have’t already checked out the video tutorial I made above, I suggest you do. For this example I’ll be using 2 popular streaming websites; and Both of these websites allow you to stream movies and shows from your web browser. You’ll also notice that neither website offers the option to download the video.

  1. Make sure you’re using Google Chrome. If you don’t already have it installed, then do this now. I have not tested this method with Firefox or any other browser.
  2. Open the website with the streaming video, that you want to download. I’ll be using for this example. I’ll also be choosing the movie Alien within the website.
  3. Before you press play on the streaming video, right click anywhere on the page, in a blank space. Then proceed to select the “Inspect” option.
  4. Don’t be alarmed at all the website code that pops up. Simply click the “Network” tab, along the top. Also make sure that you have the “Media” option selected. This is important because we only want Chrome to scan the website for media files.
  5. Next you’re going to move the Inspect window to the side and press play on the streaming video. As the video begins to stream, you’ll notice the inspect window starting to populate with a video link.
  6. Pause the streaming video. Head over to the inspect window, right click on the link and select “Open in a new tab”. The video should open in a new browser window and you’ll have the direct URL to the video source.

Now that you have the direct link to the video, you can proceed to download it. Either copy/paste the video into your favorite download manager (IDM, Jdownloader etc..). Or simply select “File” at the top of Google Chrome and select “Save As”. The video will then being to download.

There you have it. An easy method for finding the direct link to any embedded media on a website. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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