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FastestVPN emerged in 2017. The company came and conquered. FastestVPN eased in and made place in the industry quite soon. Their parent company is Fastest Technology Limited, which has a great role to play in bringing the company into being. They are based in Cayman Islands with the core operating vision of providing maximum security. While many might have their reservations, we have picked out all the points of why this VPN service is the one that marvels at satisfying all purposes you would need a VPN for.


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How FastestVPN outshines others

There are many unique features of FastestVPN that makes it their unique selling propositions. Let’s get into details of each one by one:

  1. NAT Firewall
    NAT Firewall is a feature that protects your connection by blocking irrelevant incoming data. It makes sure that data sent to your computer is the one that you actually requested. With FastestVPN, it is connected every time you hit the connect on the app. It gives you end-to-end security protecting your data from hackers. The best part to be highlighted is that other VPN services offer this as an add-on and charge extra for this feature. FastestVPN includes this in their service for no extra charges. No matter which pricing plan you choose to take, FastestVPN offers this feature without any extra cost. Which is a great plus point.
  2. Malware Protection
    To keep all malware software and threats it brings at bay, FastestVPN has malware protection available. It prevents infections that could get into your computer and compromise data. Like NAT Firewall, this too is available without any extra add-on charges. It is activated as soon as you connect to FastestVPN.
  3. Ad Blocker
    FastestVPN offers Ad Blocking feature as well. Everyone who has used the internet is very much familiar with annoying ads and pop ups that keep showing up on the screen. FastestVPN’s Ad Blocking feature is the solution to such problems. It prevents malicious ads from sabotaging your smooth browsing experience. Visit websites without being spammed by ads that frustrate you. Again, you do not have to pay any additional charges for this feature.
  4. Unix Based P2P Optimized Servers
    If streaming and downloading content online is your thing, then this is definitely the VPN for you. FastestVPN has P2P optimized servers for fast streaming and downloading. It gives a great uninterrupted downloading / streaming experience. Excellent servers for large file sharing and entertainment. Stream without any blocks and buffering issues with FastestVPN’s advanced technology.
  5. Compatible with 20+ Devices
    FastestVPN has apps for Mac, Windows, and Android. Not only that, it is compatible with over 20 devices such as Linux, PS4, etc.
  6. Five simultaneous connections
    While many other VPN services only allow 3 simultaneous connections with 1 subscription, FastestVPN allows 5! With only 1 subscription, users can use this service on 5 devices simultaneously. Which means their phone, laptop, PC, PS4 – all covered! For a constant user, this is a great point to consider.
  7. Numerous Protocols
    FastestVPN offers multiple protocols; all ranging from most basic to highest security. Protocols that FastestVPN offers:

    • OpenVPN (UDP and TCP both supported)
    • L2TP
    • IKEv2
    • Xsec
    • OpenConect
    • PPTP

    The protocol selection in their Windows app is manual, which is a benefit as you can decide which protocol you want to select depending on the activity. For a secure banking transaction you would want to choose Xsec or IKEv2, but for streaming geo-blocked content PPTP is excellent as it doesn’t slow down speeds.

    Their windows app worked smoothly. We just recently tried it and were pretty impressed with the flawless functionality at such an early stage of the company.

Support Centre

For starters, we would like to give the FastestVPN five stars for their customer support. They have 24/7 customer support via live chat and email. Full points for effort, prompt replies and understanding representatives. For any queries or dedicated assistance, FastestVPN’s live chat is the place to reach. They evidently understand the importance of customer satisfaction which reflects not only in their service, but their customer support too.

Other than that, FastestVPN’s website is very informative, self-explanatory and made perfectly detailed for the user. You can find extensive FAQs that have answers to most questions. They also have set up guides and tutorials in their Support Centre. Everything seems to be taken care of. We are pleased with their overall website, the way their dedicated staff responds and the way they take care of customer needs pleasantly.


Not only is the service of FastestVPN great, but it is also very economical and affordable. When compared to the other VPN providers, their pricing is rather favorable for the customers allowing them to save a lot.

Those who want high privacy and security at affordable prices – FastestVPN is the one for them. They do not give any free trials, but they have a strict 7-day money back guarantee that is equally also as good. Also no free trials means, no free loaders slowing down speed, so it is really not a disadvantage to begin with. Their Pricing is as follows:

    • 1-month plan: $10
    • 3-year plan: $49.95 ($1.38 per month)
    • 1 Year / 12-month plan: $44.95 ($3.74 per month)

With the 3 year plan you save $8.62 per month, while with the one year plan you save $6.26 when compared to the 1-month plan. That makes the 3-year plan most pocket friendly.

Payment methods can also be chosen from. They offer various methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin. Most people choose Bitcoin so as to pay anonymously without giving any details. So the customer can conveniently choose which is most preferable for them.

Why FastestVPN?

By now, we are definitely convinced with FastestVPN’s service. For a service to surface so soon after their launch is rather remarkable.
They not only have features that all the competitor VPN service providers in the industry have, but they also have additional advanced features that they offer without any extra costs. In summation, we’ll list all the pros and cons of Fastest VPN below:


  • Affordable Prices (as low as $1.38 per month)
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Zero logging policy (They don’t even have your details except your name and email that you provide at the time of sign up!)
  • Various Protocols
  • P2P optimized servers
  • Ad blockers
  • NAT Firewall
  • Malware Protection
  • Compatible with multiple devices + routers
  • Features available without extra charges
  • 24/7 prompt live chat
  • 5 simultaneous connections


  • No free trials
  • Doesn’t work with Netflix

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