“Everything You’ll Ever Need” Simplistic Kodi Build

We all love a Kodi build because most of the time its easier to install everything at once, than seperate add-ons. The only problem is finding a build that actually works. Or a build that is not jam packed with 50 add-ons that do the same thing. This is why I decided to make my own build and call it “Everything You’ll Ever Need”.

Everything You'll Ever Need

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“Everything You’ll Ever Need” Simplistic Kodi Build

The other day I decided that I don’t do enough Kodi builds on my YouTube channel so I set out to find some. Something I like to pride myself with is that when I review something on my channel, I like it actually work. – I want to be a reputable source when it comes to Kodi.

Anyway. – So as I was testing out a bunch of different builds, two things occurred to me. 1. Was that they were jam packed with 50 different add-ons that done the exact same thing. You don’t need many Kodi add-ons to watch movies and TV shows. You only need a single, reliable add-on that you know will work. – 2. In almost every Kodi build that I installed, the IPTV was non functional and every channel I tested was dead.

So thats where It all started. – In the video tutorial above I review the build and show off some of the features I included. I then proceed to show how you can setup the install wizard and get the build on your system.

“Everything You’ll Ever Need” was designed for Kodi 17.6 – It should also work on Mac OSX, Android and Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Movies and TV shows
  • Single Click Cinema
  • IPTV
  • Premium IPTV
  • Anime
  • Freeview AU/NZ
  • Radio
  • Adult xxx

And many other cool features such as Open Directories and maintenance tools for Kodi.


Everything You'll Ever Need Update v1.02

Things you will need:

▶︎ Kodi: http://kodi.tv/download
▶︎ Source URL: https://archive.org/download/plugin.video.everythingyoulleverneedwizard-v1.02

If the source URL doesn’t work when trying to install the build, then you can manually download the zip below. Download the zip, save it somewhere easy to locate and DON’T extract it. Go into Kodi, select “Install from zip file” and browse to the file downloaded.

This is an alternative method to the one originally shown in the tutorial video above. By taking this route, you no longer need to add the source URL into file manager of Kodi.

Download: plugin.video.everythingyoulleverneedwizard-v1.02.zip
APK (BETA): EYENv101.apk

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