English Premier League 2016/17 (Ultimate Streaming Guide)

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The start of the English Premier League is only days away with the champions of last season, Leicester City kicking the first round off on Saturday. Just like the start of every season with broadcasting rights changing left, right and center [in different countries] it leaves many people asking the question of how they can watch their favorite teams compete. Myself for example; living in Australia our main “pay TV” provider lost the broadcast rights in a “silent bid” to an Internet provider, leaving us all in overpriced football limbo hell.

English Premier League Ultimate Guide

My aim with this article is to compile a list for all the alternative methods of streaming the 2016/17 English Premier League season into one area and create the ultimate guide. As the season progresses and new methods become known I will continue to keep this page updated! So don’t forget to bookmark it.


First I’ll kick things off with the way I personally recommend watching the upcoming 2016/17 Premier League season. I’ve put a lot of time, effort and research into this and its definitely the most STABLE and RELIABLE way of streaming all 380 English Premier League matches.

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  • Purchase Ivacy VPN here.
  • Purchase .m3u IPTV Package from here.

You will also have access to Champions League, FA Cup and English Cup matches.

The IPTV Package is only €12 (Per month) which isn’t bad for all 380 English Premier League matches and then you’ll also be purchasing a VPN from Ivacy for as little as $1.66 per month (You can pay 12 months in total). You’ll be using the VPN so everything is completely anonymous and you’ll be able to connect to the channel servers from around the world.

This is the method I’ll personally be using, I don’t mind paying a little bit of money when I know the service will be reliable and I won’t have to worry about finding different streams for every match that I want to watch. €12 is cheap as biscuits. If you need any help regarding this method of have any questions then feel free to shoot me an email using the contact link above. Remember the saying “You get what you pay for.” – There is no such thing as a free reliable method.

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Acestream is probably the best method for streaming matches (and probably the most well known). For those who aren’t familiar with Acestream it’s basically a P2P video streaming app that can be used to play channels which are broadcast by other people. It’s great a great way to watch for people who don’t always have the fastest internet connection and who constantly deal with buffering. Acestream can be downloaded from here.

Two things that are probably worth noting – Acestream only runs natively on Windows meaning there is no installer for Mac OSX users. HOWEVER have no fear as I have made a tutorial showing how to run Acestream on a Mac using KODI. The tutorial can be found here. The second is only a minor note but still probably worth mentioning. Sometimes when using Acestream to watch a specific football match, they aren’t always available in English commentary. It’ll always comes down to who’s broadcasting the stream and where they’re from. This is only a minor issue but it’s still probably worth mentioning.

Where can I find Acestream channels? – So now you know all about Acestream I guess the biggest question is where can you find the channels. Acestream channels are more referred to as IDs and come in the form link of Acestream:// – There are 2 main external websites (that I use) that index matches a few hours before kickoff such as livefootballol and livetv.sx. If I know a match is going to kick off at 7pm UK time then I can slip over to one of the two websites, click the match I want and it will provide me with an Acestream ID link. I can simply click that ID and it’ll launch Acestream (providing you have it installed).

Mac OSX users will have a slightly different process of having to copy/paste the channel ID into KODI manually but I explain all that over here.


Sopcast is another P2P video streaming app which you can install on your system, however unlike Acestream its not as popular (meaning it has limited selection for content). Never the less you still can use it to stream football matches. When browsing livefootballol or livetv.sx you will sometimes have the choice to pick the stream in either Acestream or Sopcast. Sometimes a certain match might only be on one or the other. One of the pros to using Sopcast is that its native to both Windows and Mac OSX. You can download Sopcast here

SoccerStreams – Subreddit

If you’re not familiar with the good people over on the subreddit SoccerStreams forum then its definitely one worth checking out and bookmarking. They index almost every football match from every league that’s being played, even hours before kick off; They also provide links (with multiple different sources in case one goes down). If you’re looking to simply stream matches through a flash video player in your browser then this is definitely the way to go. A nice feature included is that they label so you know if its going to be SD, HD, Mobile compatible etc.. Although these streams might not always be the best quality or reliable its worth checking out.

Live Wire – Sky Sports / BT Sports (iOS App)

I made a tutorial a few days ago for an app called Live Wire which you can view here. This app can be side loaded onto your device (iPad or iPhone), it gives you access to both Sky Sports 1-5 and BT Sports 1 & 2 in HD with a full programme schedule. Sky Sports and BT Sports are the official broadcasting channels of the Premier League in the UK so as long as you know when a match is about to be played you can simply tune in via the app. Live Wire also has other premium features which will allow for more international channels and the function of allowing you to AirPlay them to your TV if you have an Apple TV device.

Ultimately I know its not ideal watching sports on your portable devices but hey… If you’re struggling for a working stream then this is somewhat reliable and it works.

Phoenix (?)

Phoenix is a special add-on which I’ve always used for KODI, It often stands out above the rest because of its high standard in quality and maintenance. During previous seasons I had always used Phoenix because it included a free Premier League Pass for all 380 English Premier League matches. However due to a change in the broadcast rights at the end of last season in New Zealand (Where the pass originated from) they had to shut down the service.

I’m still going to list down Phoenix as an option because I believe that even though the Premier League Pass is now gone, I have faith that they will still offer another way of watching the Premier League this season. – After all they haven’t removed the Premier League category inside the add-on. You can watch my tutorial on how to install Phoenix here.

KODI Add-ons / Builds

There are various different add-ons and builds which you can install for KODI, this is a major part of what my blog specializes in. I will list some of the popular ones below that I’ve made tutorials for. Its worth nothing that not all these add-ons are reliable, they will go up and down from time to time.

More Coming Soon…

Subscription Services

If you feel like you want a more stable and reliable method of watching the Premier League there are also some services which you can pay an annual subscription and they will provide you will premium HD content which is almost always guaranteed to work. I haven’t used any of these before so I cant vouch for how good they are. Please make sure you do your own research on them.


If you live outside the UK or Australia you can use Ivacy VPN to access these two websites which occasionally play the odd English Premier League “match of the day” live.

  • SBS (Australia)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK)

If you’re not sure what Ivacy VPN is then you can watch this video I made showing how to watch the Olympics. It will give you an idea of how to use it.

Lastly for watching highlights OR full match replays after they have finished you can use Match Replay. They offer full matches on demand shortly just after they’ve aired.