Emuparadise Workaround Script

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Did you know that by using a piece of JavaScript you can re-enable ROM game downloads on Emuparadise? In this article we’re going to be looking at how to setup the Emuparadise Workaround Script.

Emuparadise Workaround Script

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How To Download ROM’s From Emuparadise in 2019

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Its been almost a whole year since Emuparadise closed shop for ROM downloads. But that hasn’t stopped the emulation community from getting their retro gaming fix. With a bit of patience and a touch of “magic”, Emuparadise is still alive and well, kicking on into 2019. But how?

One lovely user from Github managed to write a small piece of code that re-enabled the downloads. When Emuparadise stopped supporting game downloads, they only removed the download links. All their ROM’s and emulators are actually still being stored on their servers. So by installing the JavaScript code, it simply re-enables a new download link on the desired ROM page. This has commonly become known as the “workaround script” link.

Setting up the Emuparadise Workaround Script

So how can you set this up to continue downloading ROM’s from Emuparadise in 2019? We’ll its actually quite simple! I recommend watching the video tutorial (linked above) which I made a few months ago. Because sometimes Its easier to follow along with something visually than plain text. But I still will write the steps required below.

This is NOT my script. Full credit goes to the author on Github who made this possible. I am simply only writing up a guide on how to use it!

You will need…

The process will vary depending on what web browser you use. But the overall process is pretty much the same.

  1. Open up your web browser. The first step is downloading and installing the appropriate browser extension. Chrome users will download TamperMonkey and FireFox users will be downloading GreaseMonkey.
  2. Install the JavaScript code. Once you’ve finished installing the browser extensions, go to the “emuparadise.eptun.user.js” GitHub page. You will find a button in the top, right region of the page titled “Raw”. Click it and it should trigger the extension you installed in step 1. Follow the prompts to install the code.
  3. Download games. Once you’ve installed the code then you’re pretty much ready, set go! Head over to Emuparadise and pick out a ROM. Above the original Emuparadise download link, you will find a new link titled “Download Using Workaround Script”. Use this link to download your game ROM, rather than the old, dead one that no longer works.

Does this work on mobile devices?

Yes it does! Android users will find joy in being able to install the “Workaround Script” on their mobile devices. I have also made a video tutorial for doing this below. Sadly iOS users, you cannot!

Emuparadise Workaround Script Mobile

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