How to Compress Blu-Ray Movies. Get Small File Sizes Like “YIFY”

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Have you ever wondered how to compress Blu-ray movies while still keeping a small file size? In this tutorial we are going to look at how we can get small file sizes like “YIFY” and still maintain HD quality.

Compress Blu-Ray Movies

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How To Compress Blu-Ray Movies

I’ve been playing around with video conversion for a very long time. It’s always lead to a constant struggle of not being able to balance the output file size and the quality. It always seemed to be one.. Or the other. Getting good quality while trying to maintain a decent file size seemed impossible. However keep in mind that I’m not a professional when it comes to this stuff.

But the other day it got me thinking.. “How do YIFY manage to get their movies to such a small file size. While still being able to maintain such good quality?”. – So I set myself a challenge to find out their “secret” [or not so secret] method. You’d be surprised to know its actually not that hard! It only requires a little Windows command line knowledge and their HandBrake script. – So lets get straight into it.

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be using a “lossless” 1080p movie trailer from the new Lion King film. This is to save time throughout the tutorial. When doing this yourself you should be using a high quality Blu-ray movie rip.

The tutorial can be found in the video linked above. The files required in this tutorial can be found below.

HandBrake Command

Things you will need

▶︎ HandBrakeCLI.exe
▶︎ HandBrake Command (Above)
▶︎ Large Video File to Compress

Note: Don’t try and compress a small video file that has already been compressed. You will get horrible results. Make sure the source file is good quality!

Final Results

These are my final results after compressing The Lion King film trailer. As shown in the video.

  • Before: Lossless 1080p, MKV, 1 Minute 39 Seconds, 500mb
  • After: h.264 1080p, MP4, 1 Minute 39 Seconds, 20mb
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