“Commando TV” IPTV Review

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In this article we’re going to be looking at a new IPTV service called “Commando TV”, which has hit the scenes in 2019. We’ll go through the quality, content, prices and my overall opinion of the service itself.

Commando TV

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Commando TV are a new IPTV service that offer a vast range of channels from around the world, at an affordable cost. Commando TV is gaining fast success and they’re growing day-by-day in the community.

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Commando TV seem to currently have one main package (with the option to remove adult content). Their going rate is $10 USD monthly, with 2 connections. This means you’ll be able to simultaneously watch channels on 2 devices.

Each package comes with a variety of different ways to access the channel packages. Commando TV have 3 different APKs for Android, which you can determine is best for your device.

In addition you can watch channels via your web browser (with access to their portal) and on your iOS devices. They provide a full PDF with instructions on how to set this up.

Once subscribed to a package, you’ll receive a login, which will provide access to the apps. This is traditional for most IPTV services.

Use promo code “VET” for $3 off the first month of Commando TV.

Commando TV Channels

Commando TV have an extremely large library of channels, infact its one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. With over 8000 channels and and lots of VoD (movies and TV shows), the $10 per month is easily justified. Most channels also include a scrollable EPG so you can track what’s showing and when.

A large portion of Commando TV consists of UK, USA and Canadian [English speaking] channels. But they also have different categories from around the world. A few may include Latino, Spain, Arab, Australia, Brazil, China and many more. If you’re a sports fan well you’re in luck because there is a large variety of UFC, NFL, NHL, NBA and more.

Included is also a gigantic list of 24/7 channels for both movies and TV shows. Its possibly the biggest list in any IPTV service with a huge amount of content. Includes 27/7 TV shows, movies and kids.

Moving onto VoD content, this is no exception. Commando TV have a large list of movies and TV shows that you can watch whenever you like. Also included is the option for catch-up TV which I think is a lovely addition.

After extensively searching through the app, I couldn’t find any UK sports channels. That means no “Sky Sports” and no “BT Sports”. This is definitely worth a mention as it might be a deal breaker for some people.

Commando TV Quality & Reliability

The reliability is always a hard thing to judge when reviewing an IPTV service. Its hard because you never know the fate of the service, so I tend to judge only what is in front of me. To avoid buffering, like any IPTV service, its best to have at least a 30mbps internet connection. After using this service on my 100mbps connection I had no buffering and channels were lag free.

Most of the channels are combined with SD and HD sources. Some channels have multiple streams so you can choose between the 2 qualities. But I must say, even the SD channels are still very high quality.

Like all IPTV services though, you have to expect that on occasions channels will have some “down time”. Especially when you’re only paying $10 per month for the service. Servers and large amounts of traffic can definitely be an issue at times for everyone.


My overall thoughts on this service are definitely positive. I like the fact that Commando TV is such an affordable price. I also like that they offer such a large variety of channels and VoD. It’s not often that you come across an affordable service with no buffering. For me it shows that they know their stuff.

Commando TV is what I call a “low risk” IPTV service. Meaning that you only pay month-to-month. If the service happens to shut down in the future then you won’t lose any money. Some IPTV services make you pay for 12-months up front and then shut down 6 months into your subscription.

So go ahead, sign up and give them a chance. They’re great and I recommend them as an IPTV option.

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