Block Spotify Ads in 2018

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps, expanding itself onto all platforms. Allowing users to stream music on-the-go for free. Spotify is popular because you can carry lots of music in your pocket without needing to store it. But because Spotify is free it comes with the price of annoying ads. Unless you’re willing to pay their premium price on a monthly basis you’re also stuck, unable to skip songs. In this tutorial we’re going to focus on how we can block Spotify ads in 2018.

Block Spotify Ads in 2018

I covered this last year with a method that involved editing your system host file. It specified in targeting Spotify ad URLs and blocking them. The tutorial was very popular but it proved a little complex for some people.

I’ve come up with a way of simplifying the method so you don’t have to edit the host file manually. I’ve found a small app that will let you import my updated host file and completely automate the process. You can complete this entire tutorial and block Spotify ads in less than 3 minutes.

Unfortunately this tutorial only covers windows users. But if you’re a Mac OS X user, you can view my older tutorial below (which still works).

▶︎ Remove Spotify Adverts Without Premium

What will this block?
  • Ads
  • Video ads
  • Video popups
  • Audio ads
  • Song skip restrictions
  1. Download the zip file
    I’ve compiled all the required files into a package. Simply download the zip and extract the files somewhere you’ll easily be able to find them. Ideally the desktop would be a good place.
    ▶︎ Spotify Adblock.rar
  2. Open Hosts File Editor
    Among the extracted files there is an app called “HostsFileEditor.exe” – Right click on the app and select Run as administrator. The app should open with administration privileges.
  3. Import updated host file
    Within the app, click File in the top left corner and choose Import. Browse to the extract files and open the Spotify Adblock host file. You’ll notice that all the hosts will appear in a table structure within the app.
  4. Save the host file
    To finish off, all you need to do now is press the save button within the app (located at top left). I personally like to press the button a few times to make sure it saves.

You can now open Spotify and you should be able to listen freely without ads playing between songs. There should also be no ads displayed within Spotify itself. – Alternatively watch a video tutorial and see how to do it manually.

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