Best IPTV – “Rocket Streams” – Cheap and Reliable

With more IPTV services popping up every day, its important you find the right service for you. In this article we’re going to be taking a look at a service called Rocket Streams, which is the best IPTV service.

Best IPTV Rocket Streams

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Best IPTV – Rocket Streams

Please Read – Streaming Video Without a VPN is Risky

Remember to make sure you use a VPN before attempting to stream IPTV. Without using a VPN you are taking a massive risk. Not only that, but some ISPs also block connections to third-party streams in your location, so without a VPN you might have trouble connecting. I personally use Ivacy VPN because they have fast servers, encrypt all data and I never experience any buffering.

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Rocket Streams is a new IPTV service which popped up towards the start of 2018. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite monthly subscriptions, offering high quality content. A well balanced line up of channels means they’re the perfect alternative to cable. If you’re thinking about “cutting the cord”, now might be the right time to do it. I’ve been testing Rocket Streams now for roughly over a month so I’ve got a nice understanding of how it works. I believe it might be the best IPTV service for value.

My YouTube video (above) where I done a live review of the service will give you a better overview of Rocket Streams. I done a full demonstration of the channels and showed a working preview of it all setup. But lets still go over it.

Its no surprise that Rocket Streams comes with a full line up of sports channels. Its has you covered around the world with all the leading broadcasters; BT Sports, Sky, beIN, ESPN and more. Its important they’ve been able to offer you such a large selection of channels. It makes it virtually near impossible for you to miss any sporting event around the world. But make sure you have a high speed internet connection because all the channels are in HD. They do not provide you with the choice to decrease the quality. Before you blame any buffering on a “poor service” make sure your connection can handle it.

When it comes to entertainment they have you covered with hundreds of channels to pick from. They have a full line up of cable based channels from the US and UK. This is more than you’ll ever be able to watch. This includes channels for the kids and movies for the family.

If you need international channels from around the world, Rocket Streams is a good choice. They have a whole range of foreign channels. – Rather than me trying to list them all in this article, I recommend you visit their website for the full lineup.

Finally if you’re interested in VoD then Rocket Streams also have a selection of movies and TV shows. You can browse through these and play them whenever you want.

Content Vs Reliability

Rocket Streams PromoI know what it can be like when selecting an IPTV service, the same questions are always raised. How well does the service work? Will I run into constant buffering? How well do the servers work during peak hours? Can I watch sport without interruption? etc. – I understand that its not always about the content if there is no reliability to back it up.

I can only speak from my time using the service and my personal experience. As I mentioned above, I’ve been using the service now for roughly over a month and think its fantastic. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience any buffering every now and again (its expected) but overall It’s been fine.

I’ve managed to watch weeks worth of Premier League without any problem. The HD quality has been amazing and I’ve never experienced any “dead channels”. I’ll be looking to use this service next weekend to watch the Champions League final.

Switching channels is a pleasurable experience because of the fast loading times. Rocket Streams also provide a nice EPG which they update weekly [themselves].

If I was to be picky about something the one thing I did notice was that every now and then I found a mislabeled channel. Or a channel where the sound was slightly offset. But Rocket Streams are always fast to fix any issue, all you need to do is report it.


Another reason why I think Rocket Streams is the best IPTV service, is because it works on all devices. On their website they have lengthy and detailed tutorials on how you can set the service up. Some of the popular ways of watching Rocket Streams are:

  • Kodi (They have their own add-on)
  • Android (APK)
  • iOS
  • VLC
  • M3U Playlist
  • Roku
  • SmartIPTV

I have a separate video below where I demonstrate how you can set Rocket Streams up on your iOS device. Its a little different.

Packages and Pricing

Rocket Streams doesn’t have any specific channel packages. Nor does it discriminate specific channels with higher cost. Instead they’ve opted packages based on length. This means that the longer you subscribe to the service, the cheaper the “overall” cost. They currently have 4 packages with the option to trial the service for 24-hours. *These prices are subject to change.

  • 30 Days (Monthly) – $11
  • 90 Days (Quarterly) – $27
  • 180 Days (Semi-Annually) – $50
  • 1 year (Annually) – $90

The 24-hour trial can be purchased for $1.99 – Before you ask why the trial is not free, there is a reason for that. People were taking advantage and signing up for trials before big sporting events.

With all considered the packages and pricing are fair based on the content you get. $11/mo is actually cheaper than most movie and TV show services than you can sign up for. *cough Netflix *cough. They’re also better than a lot of other services which claim to have the best IPTV.

Rocket Streams Learn More


Its no surprise what I think about Rocket Streams. Its a positive service that is both cheap and reliable. Free Kodi add-ons just aren’t worth the hassle anymore. They often work for a week and disappear or have constant buffering. For a price as low as $11/mo I definitely encourage you to try the service out for yourself. For the amount of content they offer with such a low price, its definitely one of the best IPTV services.

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iOS Tutorial

Rocket Streams doesn’t have an official iOS app so watching can be a little tricky. But have no fear! I’ve come up with a solution so you can watch on your iOS device. Simply follow the tutorial below.

Rocket Streams iOS

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