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Late last year I made a tutorial for an app called Live Wire and it was quite a unique app because there was no other like its kind. Its very rare you find third-party iOS apps because unlike Android, Apple doesn’t easily allow the installing of them. Live Wire is an app that lets you watch a select handful of live TV channels on your iPhone or iPad without the need of a subscription. Over the past few months a new app called Aero TV has come out into the open however until now it could only be installed on jailbroken devices. Aero TV is far more superior in almost every way possible; it has a nice interface, dedicated servers (which means less buffering), allows mirror airplay to your Apple TV and the biggest quality about the app is that it has over 50+ channels in HD (or very high SD). You can now install Aero TV on your 64-bit iOS device without even the need of a PC/Laptop.

Another nice touch about Aero TV is that the app currently has a lot of support which means it will always be updated and maintained. They have a news/announcements section within the app so if you want to keep up with whats happening then definitely check that out.

Aero TV

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Your iPhone or iPad does NOT need to be jailbroken. Currently tested and working on 9.3.3 firmware. Please keep in mind that the app is also currently in BETA which means not all channels will always work.

Some of the channels on Aero TV are as follows:

  • Sky Sports 1-5
  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • NBC Sports
  • TSN
  • HBO
  • ABC
  • MTV
  • Disney Channel
  • Cartoon Network
Things you will need:

Aero TV (Link only works on iOS browser):

How can I watch these channels on my TV:

If you have an Apple TV connected via HDMI then you can mirror AirPlay your iOS device and watch the channels. I tested this using an Apple TV Gen 3 and it worked perfectly without any lag or buffering. [Refer to the following images.]

Aero TV Airplay Apple TV 1

Aero TV Airplay Apple TV 2

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