“Acestream OS X” Kodi Build – Best Way to Watch on MacOS

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Acestream OS X is a unique Kodi build that I put together myself this morning. It takes the Acestream engine and applies it to Kodi. Allowing people to stream Acestream channels on MacOS.

Acestream OS X Kodi Build

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Acestream OS X

I woke up this morning with a mind set of wanting to create something for my channel that had not been done before. With that said, I thought about how I hadn’t made an Acestream video in awhile. It then occurred to me that no one had put together a Kodi build based on Acestream. What if there was a way to take the best parts of Plexus, P2P-Streams, P2P Sports and bundle them together in a package. Those 3 add-ons are the ingredients to getting Acestream up and running on Kodi.

And so “Acestream OS X” was born!

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Like my “Everything You’ll Ever Need” Kodi build, I decided to keep Acestream OS X lite. I didn’t want to add anything that wasn’t necessary to bulk it up. Simple and straight to the point is always better. The Kodi build consists of 4 different sections.

The first section allows you to simply paste in an Acestream channel ID. From there the Acestream engine will start and allow you to start connecting to peers. Shortly followed by the channel playing. The second section is a list of Acestream channels scraped from various websites on the net. As I explained in the video tutorial (above), I don’t expect any of these channels to consistently work. Try not to focus too much on the channel list, the main focus should be on the ability to play Acestream channel IDs. The third and fourth sections of Acestream OS X are very straight forward. An option to favorite Acestream channel IDs and a place to view your stream history.

Before you can install Acestream OS X you will need to download a couple of prerequisite zip files.

Things you will need:

▶︎ Kodi
▶︎ Ace Stream.zip
▶︎ plugin.video.acestreamosxwizard.zip

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