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When it comes to Kodi add-ons there is something for almost all forms of entertainment. Whether its a free or paid add-on, it most likely exists. But what about Anime? In this tutorial we will be taking a look at AnimeRam.


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Anime is a very niche form of entertainment, its not for everybody, but there are a select few who enjoy it. So why should they miss out? – I wanted to cover something a little different on my YouTube channel for a change. I was sick of reporting about the same kind of Kodi add-ons (IPTV, movies, tv shows etc.). – I was originally going to make a tutorial for a cartoon Kodi add-on (which I still might do). But then Anime popped into my head and I decided to take it one step further.

So lets dive straight into it then. What does AnimeRam have to offer as a Kodi add-on? After briefly using the add-on for a little while I found it both simple and basic. But it has everything you need it to have. One thing I praise Kodi add-on developers for is keeping things simple. As long as they do the job then that’s all I care about.

The add-on has 3 main sections. Latest episodes, A-Z index and your standard search function. It works like many movie/tv show Kodi add-ons where you select something to watch and it scrapes links. Most of the latest Anime shows and films are in HD which is another nice touch. Some of the older stuff recorded off TV back in the day is only SD. The library of shows and films is quite large, everything I threw at it and searched for pulled a result. Finally I’ll add, during the scraping process it manages to pull subbed and dubbed content. I know this is a big deal for some people who like to keep things “traditional”.

Things you will need:

▶︎ Kodi:
▶︎ Repo Source:

If episodes are not playing:

If episodes are not playing then its possible they are being blocked by your ISP. Geo-restrictions apply in different countries depending on your ISP. To fix this you can use Ivacy VPN.

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