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How to: Run Acestream on Mac OS X

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OK. So I’ve searched and searched everywhere and until now it seemed the only known method to run AceStream on Mac OS X was to install Virtual Box and setup a virtual Windows XP, which is a rather complicating method. I’ve managed to find a few ways to port the latest AceStream to work on Mac OS X.

I have put together a couple of different method tutorials below for you all, so you can follow whichever one works for you and make your own app from scratch. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and it’s not hard at all. Let me know how it goes.

Method 1 (Newest – 2016) – As of currently this is the latest method used to watch AceStream on OS X.

November 2016 – This is the latest method to get AceStream running on Mac OSX using Plexus for Kodi. This tutorial should also fix any “Torrent not available or invalid” errors you may have been getting before in previous tutorials. – It will also fix any “Installation Failed” errors when trying to install Plexus.

Watch this tutorial if you’re using the latest Kodi v17 “Krypton”.

Acestream Mac OS X Kodi Krypton
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKrLMN8T9T0

Watch this tutorial if you’re using Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis” (Or older).

Acestream Mac OS X Kodi Jarvis
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxGjljrhWcE

Ivacy Banner

If Acestream cant connect to the stream or is stuck on loading the video then it might be because your internet provider is throttling torrent data or  you might be living in a geo-restricted area. You might need to use Ivacy VPN to make it work. Click here.

Things you will need:

Kodi v17 “Krypton” – Download
Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis” – Download

You will be required to give my Facebook page a “like” before the download links appear for AceStrean.zip, P2P Sport and Plexus. If the download links are not showing up after you’ve liked the page, please turn off your ad-blocker and refresh. If still not showing up then feel free to drop me an email using the contact link above.

Manually playing an Acestream Channel ID:

Sometimes P2P Sports doesn’t work correctly due to poor servers. So if you want to enter in your own channel ID manually to play, then you can do so by installing an add-on called P2P Streams. — https://youtu.be/bIPp6r0UTbsThis tutorial is specifically dedicated to people who have completed the Jarvis tutorial as I didn’t cover p2p-streams. If you’re doing the latest Kypton tutorial I already explained this in the main video.


Everything I do on YouTube is free. If you want to show some love and support for what I do then please donate. – https://goo.gl/HusFhs

Method 2 (22 September 2015) – OLD AND NOT RECOMMENDED.

Plexus Video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK-4CTAEgJw

UPDATE: As of Sunday 29 November 2015, P2P Sport is no longer supported by SuperRepo so it will NOT appear on the add-on list within their repository anymore. However you can still download it by clicking here and following the brief instructions below OR if you don’t like reading you can scroll down to find an updated video tutorial on how you can install P2P Sport.

1. Follow video up until 5:30 and hit pause, download the zip [plugin.video.p2psport-0.1.4.zip] and save to desktop – DO NOT EXTRACT THE ZIP!
2. Open Kodi
3. Scroll to the right and select SYSTEM and then Settings
4. Click “Add-ons”
5. Install from zip file
6. Select “Desktop” within the list
7. Click “plugin.video.p2psport-0.1.3.zip”
8. Skip video to 6:30 and resume doing the tutorial

Things you will need:

Kodi: http://kodi.tv/download
Repo Source: http://srp.nu
Download Acestream from Method 1


Method 3 (1 September 2015) – OLD AND NOT RECOMMENDED.

Acestream Video

UPDATE: This method has been patched and will only work if you download the AceStream.zip file (located above in method 1). Once you have downloaded the zip; extract it and place the .app file inside your mac applications folder. If you do not do this then you will most likely get “Torrent not available or invalid.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL-sL90xwr4

Things you will need:

Kodi: http://kodi.tv/download
Repo Source: http://srp.nu

Download Final Build

For those of you who are feeling a little lazy and cant be bothered doing the full tutorial, I have created a final build from the video I made with all the plugins included, ready and installed. Here is how to set it up.

1. Download Kodi from official website, start it up at least once and exit back to the desktop.

Kodi - Step 1

2. Download “Kodi-AllPlugins-FINALBUILD.zip” from the above link and extract the zip.

Kodi - Step 2

3. Navigate to the top finder bar and select “Go” then scroll down to “Go too Folder..”

Kodi - Step 3

4. Type in ~/Library/Application Support/Kodi and hit the “Go” button.

5. Replace the contents of your Kodi folder with the one you just extracted.

6. Close everything, reboot your Mac and start Kodi. All plugins should be installed and working.


P2P Sport Kodi Add-on – Works with Plexus to find Acestream channels

P2P Sport

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWWeip3jQtQ

Since P2P Sport is no longer available on SuperRepo and the process of installing it has changed a little bit from how I showed you in Method 2, I decided to revisit and give you all and update on how its done.


Other related information:

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